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Middle School Admission

Grades 5-8


Middle School is a time of transition; a time of self-discovery and personal growth that lays the foundation for future success.

Key is a place that focuses on all aspects of students’ growth simultaneously. Our Middle School students are equipped with the capacity to measure their knowledge and skills, but also given flexibility in how they learn.

Our Middle School program:

  • Helps students develop effective organization, study and time management skills in a supportive and challenging environment
  • Encourages students to try new things to identify their own interests and strengths
  • Values teaching students how to learn and constructs knowledge through a project-based curriculum
  • Provides the opportunity for students to have a focused and interactive learning experience with small class sizes
  • Celebrates diversity and nurtures individuality

How to Apply

January 17, 2023
Applications received after the deadline are reviewed on a rolling basis contingent on available space and waitlist depth. We recommend families contact our Middle School admission counselor to learn more about availability in your student’s grade. 

Tour Campus
We encourage all families interested in Middle School to schedule a private tour of campus with their admission counselor.

Apply for Admission
Submit an application through Ravenna Admit, our online application platform. All necessary forms, reference and transcript requests, and application checklist items can be accessed through your Ravenna account. 

Middle School applicants are required to submit:

  • A parent application
  • Current Math and English Teacher References
  • School Administrator or Guidance Counselor Evaluation
  • Transcripts for the last three years

A $60 application fee will be charged upon submitting the application.

admission testing
All students in grades 5-12 must submit one of the following as part of their application to Key:

Your Counselor

Kelsey Miller