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Upper School Admission

Grades 9-12

The interdisciplinary and integrated curricula in Key's Upper School allows for deeper understanding and real-world connections.

Our Upper School faculty place great emphasis on essential skills over rote memorization, and students build content knowledge through the preparation required to present and defend their answers and points of view.

Key’s Upper School offers:

  • 6:1 student-to-faculty ratio
  • 14 advanced placement course offerings
  • College-level Independent Studies
  • A comprehensive and individually tailored college advising program that provides 90+ hours of counseling
  • Academic support and enrichment available in every discipline
  • 35+ Visual and Performing Arts classes and activities
  • 100 + hours of outdoor education experiences
  • 40 interscholastic sports teams

How to Apply
Application Deadline
January 5, 2024

Applications received after the deadline are reviewed on a rolling basis contingent on available space and waitlist depth. We recommend families contact our Upper School admission counselor to learn more about availability in your student’s grade.

Tour Campus
We encourage all families interested in the First School to schedule a private tour of campus with your admission counselor.

Participation in an Upper School Drop-In Day is also highly encouraged.

Apply for Admission
Submit an application through the Admission Portal, our online application platform. All necessary forms and application checklist items can be accessed through your account. 

A $60 application fee will be charged upon submitting the application.

Upper School applicants are required to submit:

  • Initial application form and application fee
  • Student application
  • Student interview
  • Current Math and English Teacher References
  • School Administrator or Guidance Counselor Evaluation
  • Transcripts for the last three years

Admission Testing
All students in grades 5-12 must submit one of the following as part of their application to Key:

*ISEE is recommended unless your student is applying to other schools where the SSAT is required.

Your Counselor

Makeba Barnes