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Picture Yourself at Key

Curious about what happens during a typical month at Key School? Check out our photo galleries to get an insider's view.

The JV Boys' Soccer goalie throws the ball while standing on a green field wearing his green and blue jersey
Four Middle School students stand on a green field smiling while holding their Kona Ice cups
A Pre-Kindergarten African American boy smiles at the camera while climbing across monkey bars
Five Middle School students stand with Halloween costumes on on a green field smiling
Upper School students stand on stage during their performance of Clue
Three Middle School boys stand smiling with their arms around each other, one in a Santa hat
Ten Key-Wee students stand outside smiling with coats on in the rain
Three High School boys stand on a basketball court with arms folded an whistles in their mouths
Two African American high school students examine a vial of blue liquid in chemistry class