The Lower School Experience

Grades 1-4

Open House

Key School looks forward to welcoming prospective families to our in-person Fall 2021 Open Houses on November 6 (for Middle and Upper Schools) and November 13 (for First and Lower Schools.)

In lieu of in-person open houses in the fall of 2020, Key offered a virtual opportunity for families to become better acquainted with the School. The following recorded sessions from our November 2020 Virtual Open House provide valuable insight about life at Key to assist in your search for the independent school that is the right fit for your student and family.


(8:21) Director of Enrollment and Outreach Tom Rossini provides an overview of Key and the Lower School open house program

Admission Process

(2:55) Senior Associate Director of Admission and Lower School Admission Counselor Makeba Barnes reviews the Lower School admission process

Third Grade

(39:17) Third grade teachers Nan Conroy, Paula DeWitt and Angela Baccala discuss the third grade curriculum and answer questions from prospective families


(5:05) First and Lower School Math Coordinator Ellie Young discusses the Lower School Math curriculum


(2:16) Science and Environmental Coordinator Amy Cline discusses the Lower School Science program

Head's Message

(5:44) Head of School Matthew Nespole welcomes prospective students and their families to the Lower School open house

First Grade

(21:58) First grade teachers Jeanette Beigel '04, Kera Matsui and Catherine Hudson discuss the first grade curriculum

Fourth Grade

(29:33) Fourth grade teachers Jill Smalley and Peter Branscombe discuss the fourth grade curriculum and answer questions from prospective families

Maker Tech

(3:45) Maker Tech and Thinkering Studio Coordinator Carol Mahoney discusses the Lower School Maker Tech curriculum

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

(1:52) Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Jenifer Moore discusses DEI work within the Lower School program

Division Overview

(5:01) Lower School Division Head Kristen Addison provides an overview of Key's Lower School program for grades 1-4

Second Grade

(36:57) Second grade teachers Erin Morgan, Cat Parker Briggs and Lillian Overmyer-Wilkinson discuss the second grade curriculum

Language Arts

(3:41) Lower School Learning Department Head Catherine Hudson discusses the Language Arts program

Inquiry Based Learning

(2:27) An overview of the inquiry based learning approach at Key


(3:10) A brief look at life in our Lower School

From Our Faculty

Hear brief overviews of Key's program and culture, shared by faculty members.

Life Skills

(1:34) School Counselor Erin Weiss discusses the Life Skills program in the Lower School

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

(2:45) Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Jenifer Moore on the School's DEI initiatives and goals

Visual Arts

(4:16) Visual Arts Department Head Andy Katz discusses the progressive visual arts curriculum for grades K-12

Outdoor Education

(4:05) Outdoor Education Department Head Paul Bayne discusses Key's Outdoor Education Program for students in Kindergarten through Grade 12

Physical Education

(2:54) Physical Education teacher Jonnie Jenkins discusses his playful and purposeful approach to PE in the First and Lower Schools