Manse and Gazebo

2022 Friends of the Festival

222 Severn/W&P Nautical
Cha Cha Adler '35
Deborah Adler
Mary Arthur Adler '31
Ray Adler '29
Animal Birth Control, LLC
The Beed Family
Peter Biché
The Brockhurst Family
Elizabeth Ruppert Bulmer
The Christrup Family
Harriet E. Cooperman
Deborah Corley
Cathy Correll
The Crnkovic Family
Margaret and Michael Cunningham
Patty and Larry DeMooy


The Dent Family
Anne and David Dowton
Due East
The Esaw Family
The Fleming Family
Gallant Government & Law Group
Steve and Caitlin Ginter
The Hollywood Family
Emma '21 and Ian '23 Kissel
Cameron Lapczynski '35
Jack Lapczynski '37
Olivia Lapczynski '32
Jarret, Akeembra, Khalil, and Nylah Lawrence
Charles Lerner
In honor of Chris Lonergan '21
The Mapp Family
The Mathias Family


Troy W. Mayer '06
Matthew and Jennifer Nespole
Anna Niemeyer '26
Peter Niemeyer '28
Judy Olson
Tim Prigg
The Ramani Family
The Rinehart Family
Joe and Jill Simon
The Meg and HJ Smith Family
The Sparer Family Trust
The Squires Family
Joann and Bill Vaughan
Angus Lunt Woodward '24
Pilar Wyman, Wyman Indexing
Your Chic is Showing