Manse and Gazebo

Family Activities

Tech Village!

Area 7: Farmhouse/Arts Building, all day, all ages


Learn about programming and robotics with this hands on educational play with spheros. Sponsored by the Key School Robotics Team.

delivery bear light-up greeting cards

Based on the delightful children's book Delivery Bear, kids can create their own light-up cards using circuits. Meet Delivery Bear author Laura Gehl at 10:00am in Room 5.

marble runs

Design your own tracks and find out how many ways can you guide a marble to its goal.

make & create STEAM room

Have fun with all sorts of activities rising from STEAM!

Outdoor Games and Activities

Area 6: Manse Field, all day, all ages

obstacle course

Test your agility in a fun obstacle course.

build a boat

Build a small boat using an assortment of materials! See if it can float and how many pennies it can hold.

fairy henna and face painting

Transform into a dazzling princess, a magnificent dragon, or anything your heart desires.

tooth fairy scavenger hunt

Based on the book Tooth Fairies and Jetpacks, the tooth fairies have created a special scavenger hunt through the Festival. Complete the hunt and get a special prize. Meet Tooth Fairies and Jetpacks author Kurt Fried at 10:30am in Room 5.

Children's Book Authors

Room 5: Manse Addition

Laura Gehl's Delivery Bear at 10:00am

Kurt Fried's Tooth Fairies and Jetpacks at 10:30am

No post to display.


Area 8: Amphitheater

big barn puppets

There's so much work to do on the farm, the animals can't keep up! Join Farmer Stu, Josie the Giraffe, Henry the Horse and other surprising guests for plenty of barnyard fun! Big Barn Puppets presents exceptional family shows filled with laughter, song and dance! 11:00am

science fun!

Join us for some amazing science! Learn about chemical reactions by seeing a “genie in a bottle” and create a bubbling concoction. Discover some secrets of air pressure with water balloons and learn how to write secret messages. Come learn about sound and what creates sound. Science has never been this much fun! Brought to the Festival by Club SciKidz.

scales & tales

Maryland State Park's Scales & Tales program offers you the opportunity to see live wildlife, native to Maryland, up close and personal. Through the stories, or "tales" of how these animals come into the care of the program, Scales & Tales naturalists discuss important environmental issues, such as loss of habitat, environmental pollution, resource management, and biodiversity.

jacks are wild dog show

Don't miss this show featuring three Jack Russell terriers performing tricks. From jumping rope and skateboarding to dancing, they will amaze you and send you home with a smile on your face!

musical performances

Guava Jelly:

Want to visit the Caribbean for a day? Guava Jelly will take you there! Kids of all ages will enjoy this band's music—full of toe-tapping reggae beats and sing-along favorites!

Key School Jazz Band

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Join us for a Royal Readers Tea Party!

Fair Maidens and Knights are invited to meet Her Majesty Queen Read and join her court for a Royal Tea Party to include:
A Read Aloud of a Fabulous Fairy Tale
Tea and Delectables
Merriment & More!

The festivities shall take place from 11:00am-12:00pm or 1:00-2:00pm in Area 7 (Farmhouse) for children ages 4-8.

Guests are warmly welcomed, but not required, to wear costumes.

Tickets are $10 (limit of 3) and registration is strongly suggested. It is respectfully requested that you fail not to register all young maidens and knights.