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Author Participation Information

Publicists, editors or authors may submit individual author materials. Participants are selected and programs are coordinated by various Annapolis Book Festival Program Committees. We anticipate that there will be three types of venues in which authors may be invited to participate: Some will be asked to make solo presentations; some may be grouped into panels by themes the Festival committees deem appropriate (for example, we have had mystery, science and science fiction, as well as topics such as the war in Iraq or Supreme Court confirmation process); and, finally, other authors may present small group workshops or demonstrations (for example, a cooking demo or a travel writing workshop).

Key will be accepting materials for the 2022 Festival being held on Saturday, April 9, beginning July 19, 2021. All materials must be submitted by December 19, 2021.

The Annapolis Book Festival features authors of national scope with books published (or issued in paperback) within the last two years. The Festival does not accept self-published books. We feature fiction, non-fiction, young adult, and children's books authors.

To be considered, authors (publicists or editors) should send the following to the address at the bottom of this page:

Our Authors Committee convenes to consider all submitted materials. Since this process takes several months, the earlier materials are submitted the more exposure they will have to the committee. Questions about participation cannot be answered until the packet is received and appropriate time is given for consideration by the selection committee. We often put together thematic panels with two or three authors and will let you know if your work fits well with other authors that we are considering. It is our hope to contact all authors as soon as the Authors Committee has decided whether or not to feature their books. The process can be protracted. Feel free to contact Parent Programs and Special Events Director Trish Gallant at 443.321.7820 to make inquiries on the status of a potential program.

The Festival is a free community event put on by Key School, a non-profit independent school, and does not provide honoraria for its participants.

No materials will be returned.

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