Obezag Pride

Show off your Obezag Pride with gear from Key's Campus Bookstores!

With two shopping options available–the online Campus Bookstore and the recurring Online Spirit Store–you can always find fun new Obeswag to add to your collection. 

The Online Campus Bookstore Is Closed!

The online campus bookstore is closed for the 2021-2022 school year. We'll reopen in August 2022.
Have a great summer.

The Obezag Spirit Store Is Closed!

The Spirit Store will open again in August 2022!

Key is pleased to be partnering with Atlantic Sportswear for its Online Obezag Spirit Store. The store, offering more than 40 items, is open three times a year for a one week ordering period in August, November and April. All orders ship USPS Priority Mail to your home within one week of the store's closing. 


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