Health Office Protocols

Key’s Health Office will continue to serve as the primary point of contact with families regarding students who are ill, have medical issues, or get injured while at School.  

In response to COVID-19, the Health Office is taking on additional responsibilities, has added additional nursing staff, and has adjusted protocols per guidance from the Maryland Department of Health, the Anne Arundel County Health Department and the CDC.

Adjusted protocols include:

  • The creation of separate treatment areas ensuring that students, faculty and staff who require treatment for an injury or other non-contagious need are not in contact with those who may exhibit contagious symptoms.
  • Isolation areas have also been designated so the Health Office can quickly and effectively isolate students and adults with COVID-19-like symptoms until they are able to leave campus.
  • Access to the Health Office will only be granted from the exterior doorway, and no longer through the First School Office, with the exception of First School students.
  • Parents/guardians are now required to pick up students who are ill within one hour of notification. Please also have a contingency plan in place to ensure pick up occurs within the hour.

It is vital that you notify Key's Health Office ( immediately if you or someone in your household is planning to test or is being tested for COVID-19. 

Key's leadership team continues to monitor COVID-19 developments and remains in close communication with the Anne Arundel County Department of Health. Key's protocols are guided by CDC, State and County recommendations for schools.

Health Accommodations and Support

If you or your child has an underlying health condition that may pose an increased risk of severe illness from COVID-19 that could affect their ability to return for on-campus instruction, please reach out to School Nurse Katie Anderson. Ensuring the care and well-being of the medically vulnerable members of our community is a priority for the School. View CDC information regarding at-risk conditions

Responding to COVID-19 on Campus

What to expect during COVID-19