COVID-19 Communication FAQs

Our Commitment to Transparent Communication
We believe open lines of transparent communication have never been more critical, and we want all members of the Key community to understand the protocols for sharing information about potential and confirmed COVID-19 cases. It is our hope that by sharing more information with everyone, we can keep misinformation from causing unnecessary concern and anxiety.

It is important for everyone to understand that per HIPAA confidentiality guidelines, we are never able to share specific information about individuals; therefore, all our communications will be as detailed as they legally can be. We ask that families refrain from requesting additional details from faculty, staff and the Health Office.

If a student or faculty/staff member/coach on campus has tested positive for COVID-19, will the School notify me?
Yes, if the individual may have been contagious when on campus. All parents will be notified via email if a student or faculty/staff member tests positive for COVID-19. However, a text and an email containing detailed information outlining CDC and School guidelines will only be sent to those families who have a child  who has been deemed to be in close contact with the individual per CDC guidelines. 

How will the School alert me if an individual in close contact with my student has tested positive for COVID-19?
As soon as the School knows of a case that may impact individuals on campus, a text/email will be sent to you. The text/email will outline the CDC and School guidelines with instructions for school exclusion, symptom monitoring and quarantining for your child. In this instance, Key’s Health Office will be working in tandem with the Anne Arundel County Health Department.

A student in my child’s pod is not at school but I haven’t received an email. What’s going on?
If a child or teacher is not at school and families within that person’s pod have not received communication from the School, it indicates the person’s absence does not warrant communication.

Can I call the School for more information once I learn a member of the Key community has tested positive for COVID-19?
Please do not contact Key’s Health Office, your child’s Division Office or any member of the faculty and staff to solicit additional information. School communications are crafted to provide as much detail as HIPAA confidentiality guidelines will permit. No member of the faculty and staff is permitted to share additional details.


Revised March 23, 2021