A student leader in the school's Upper School, Jayda is active with several student groups and has competed in pageant contests since she was 5 years old. She organized the Students for Social Change's annual Diversity Day, held Feb 3. Jayda arranged two seminars for her schoolmates. One incorporated interactive activities designed to encourage the students' awareness of their own privileges, and a second session included a discussion based on what happened during the interactive sessions and how the students could be more inclusive.


Parents' Association

The Key School Parents' Association seeks to promote the Mission of the School by providing opportunities for service and communication.

All Key School parents are members of the Parents’ Association. The PA leadership believes the active involvement of all parents is vital to enriching the educational experience for Key’s students. The Parents' Association is committed to helping sustain goodwill and unity throughout the School community.

Volunteering at Key

Key School enjoys the enthusiastic support of its parents, as well as other friends of the School, who volunteer time to enrich the quality of the Key experience. All members of the Key community are invited to share their skills and energy to promote the School’s many programs. Volunteers help students and teachers in classrooms, offices and libraries, and support events sponsored by the Parents’ Association.

From the 5K/10K Run to the Annapolis Book Festival, Parents’ Association events rely on the support of volunteers. Volunteering options are varied and members of the community who are interested in lending their time in support of the School are sure to find events that suit their interests. Volunteering opportunities are diverse, not limited to the school day, and can often be undertaken at home or on the weekends. Key can never have too many helping hands!