tiny explorers

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Your child's mindset toward learning is formed during the early childhood years. With an emphasis on inquiry-based learning and purposeful play, Key's First School program actively engages children to question, explore, investigate, and make decisions as they construct foundational content knowledge.

Free and open to the public, Tiny Explorers at Key is a workshop designed to engage children, between 2 and 3.5 years of age, and their parents in authentic, hands-on exploratory work.

Guided by Key faculty, Tiny Explorers will have the opportunity to choose from several outdoor, sensory-based activities that allow them to experiment and explore the world around them. Through purposeful play in our Nature Explore Outdoor Classroom, the children will be presented with materials that encourage thoughtful questioning and critical thinking, in addition to the development of small and fine motor skills.


Workshop Descriptions

Let's Learn!: Early Engineers

Early engineers will problem-solve, experiment, and construct with a variety of building materials. With activities ranging from sand building and outdoor blocks, to play dough and stick structures, our Tiny Explorers will have a chance to approach developmentally appropriate challenges in a fun learning environment. Children will design, build, test and rebuild their creations. Engineering activities are designed to help strengthen creative problem-solving skills, refine sensory and fine motor skills, promote social development, and encourage collaboration.

Let's Discover!: Hands-On Harvest

Hands-on harvesters will plant sunflower seeds, harvest corn, and deconstruct pumpkins! In exploring the inside of a pumpkin and observing the parts of a seed, our young harvesters will use all of their senses as they learn biology and horticulture. These activities will leverage tactile, visual, and olfactory senses as our young learners express their curiosity and cultivate a love of learning.

Let's Create!: Autumn Artists

Autumn Artists will have access to a large selection of creative materials to design and develop their own autumn-themed artwork. Key's nature art table holds a variety of natural materials such as pine cones and seed pods that can be used to create patterns and mosaics. The outdoor classroom area is an ideal space for young learners to sketch or sculpt the flowers, trees, birds, and bugs observed in the space. As children work with natural materials they develop a deeper appreciation for the beauty of the natural world, strengthen inquiry skills in classification and close observation, and further hone fine-motor skills in the process.