Partners in Giving

The gifts listed below reflect all members of the Key community who made a gift to Key between July 1, 2018 and June 27, 2019. If there are errors or omissions, please contact Annual Fund Director, Akeembra Lawrence at 443.321.7823 or

To be recognized as a Partner in Giving in Key's 2018-2019 Annual Report, your gift must be received by June 30, 2019.

If you have not yet made a gift, there is still time to do so! Your gift of any size will make an impact.


Board of Trustees

Nancy Margaret Adler
Missy Attridge
Mark Baganz
Peter Biché
March Bishop '04
Katie Edwards
Liz Filter
L. J. Foley
Kristin Fusco
Michael Glass
Colin Harrington
John Hilbert
David Irving
Joe Janney
Channing Martin Jones '06
Wes Jones
Steven Kahle
Ken Kissel '86
Will Mapp
Troy Mayer '06
Matthew Nespole
Jeff Rinehart
Michael Smith
Steve Stavrou
Anna Wood
Trevor Wilby
Stephen Wrage
Alanna Wright

Board of Trustees Emeriti and Past Board Members

Randi Altschuler
Chuck Anthony and Iris Krasnow
Georgie and Ted Berkinshaw
Marie and Jerry Brockhurst
Elana Byrd
Ros and Paul Calvin
Whitall and Bill Clevenger
Howard and Nancy Cohen
Lyn Grady Cook '76 and Mike Cook
Jane Cooper and Phil Angell
Mike Damas and Joyce Keilen
Debbie Daugherty
Sonia and Jerry Feldman
Steve and Leslie Gruskin
Larry and Lynne Harding
Ken and Deb Hoffman
Niels and Barbara Holch
Jim and Linda Humphrey
Harry Ivrey '71
Larry and Kristin Kast
Elana Byrd-Kehler
Bernie and Vicky Lerch
Bob Libson
Nick and Judy Maistrellis
Lori and Jerry Mathis
Swede and Donna Olfson
Chris and Jim Peterson
Jim Praley and Joan Gillece
Jim and Ellen Rogers
Tom Simpson
Freddy and Rick Struse
Steve and Rona Warner
Pam and Mike Williams
Sim and Currie Wooten

Current Parents

Jason Adam and Ella Gayoso-Adam
Sharday and Funmi Adeyosoye
Andrew and Nancy Margaret Adler
Warren Aftahi and Wendy Walker
Ena and Crystal Agbedia
Olu and Elizabeth Ajayi
Siji and Oyindamola Akinkugbe
Michael Akkerman and Nora Bellows
Michael Allison and Kara McGuirk-Allison
Erik Anderson
Ted and Cindy Anderson
Megan Hardy Anderson '01
Jeremy and Lori Andrew
Myrvin and Julita Anthony
Ted and Kristen Archer
Paul Armstrong and Kim Elek
Jamie and Masako Armstrong
Roger and Kate Austin
Abdul and Sara Ayyad
Angela Baccala
Mark Baganz and Laurie Salladin
DeAnn Baker
Harold Ballou and Linda White-Ballou
Makeba and Darryl Barnes
Steven Barnett and Nicole Fuller
Greg Barranco
Melissa and Tim Barrett
Matt and Bria Barry
Alex and Julie Basile
Thomas and Lisa Baum
Helen Baxt and Jay Adams
Jamie and Laura Baxter
Paul and Rebecca Bayne
Marina Becker
John and Christine Beed
Melissa Bell and Katie Waehler
Shannon and Marcella Benil
Christian Junge and Dede Binder '88
Matt and Chrisy Boomer
Jeff and Brooke Bowman
Brian Boyd and Allie Herr
Kirra Brandon '97 and Gus Stern
Peter Branscombe
Jeremy Bratton
David and Koren Brewer
Scott and Anne Brown
Mark and Elizabeth Bulmer
Ivey Butler
John Butler and Amanda Gibson
Ros and Paul Calvin
Kathleen Chandler
Hall Chaney '02 and Chelsea Hartman Chaney '07
Kirsten and Jonathan Chapman
Kalif Chase and Keona Rainey
Sally Bridgman Cheston '78 and Bo Cheston
Julius and Cynthia Clark
Kevin and Laura Cline
Jason and Carrie Coddington
John and Alison Collier
Dominique and Kevin Coloton
Dana Cooksey
Alex and Sara Corckran
Carrie Ponder Cousins '02 and Paul Cousins
Peter Craig and Kristin Meyer
John and Krista Criswell
Gerardo, Cathleen and Alexa Cruz
Bill and Maria Cumming
Ryan and Kate Curry
Dick and Dorothy D'Amato
Erik Dahl
Kristina Deutsch
Noah '96 and Elina Donaldson
Delicia Donaldson
Taryn Dorsey
Scott and Alice Drayton
Nathan and Kerri Dugan
Keith and Mary Frances Ebersole
Katie and Jib '82 Edwards
David and Lauren Edwards
David and Ronda Esaw
Kristoffer and Courtney Evans
Bode and Olu Fagbohunka
Andrew '84 and Jerri Falk
Zach and Ana Fallon
Becky Fetters and Robert Fish
Jeff and Laura Filipek
Robin and Patsy Fisher
Bruce Fleming and Meg Murray
Ron and Christine Fodor
Catherine Fonfara
Tobias Ford and Linda Mundy
Paul and Andrea Frank
Jack and Kristin Fusco
Trish and Gary Gallant
Jim and Lisanna Gardiner
Jacqueline Getschel
Gavin Giddings
Stephen and Caitlin Ginter
Michael and Liz Glass
Todd Glassman and Lori Emrick
David Gleason and Ann Pailthorp
Chris and Robin Goebel
Michael and Stephanie Graham
Kevin Granger and Dalila Harvey-Granger
Paul and Jennifer Green
Joshua Greene and Monya Phillip
Raymond and Stacy Greenstreet
John Gregory and Chrissy Perry
Vanessa Gutierrez and Todd Pozen
Michael and Kathleen Haldeman
Gregory and LaJuan Hanna
Ricardo and Sarah Harris
Ben Harris and Andrea Phillip
Rod and Laurie Hart
Rayiner Hashem and Shawna Bray
Lee Ann Havard
Glenn and Mara Hedgecoth
John Hilbert and Kenneth Graham
Kevin and Lisa Hill
Christian Hoejbjerg-Jensen and Perry Yeatman
Marnie Hoffman
Darryl and LaShawne Holloway
Jen and Craig Holt
Holly Howlin
Michael and Teresa Huckaby
Catherine and Matt Hudson
Chas '92 and Elizabeth Iliff
David and Tove Irving
Christopher and Michelle Jackson
Chuck and Kym Jackson
Darrin Jenkins and Robyn Anderson
Andre and Tina Johnson
Wayne and Kendra Johnson
Horace and Ellene Jones
Wes Jones and Dawn Madak
Sarah Judd and Lee Ann Havard
Steve Kahle
Brian and Laura Kamoie
Scott and Rachel Kapuschansky
Kurt Karsten
Stanley Keeve
Jason and Betsy Kimrey
Ken '86 and Jane Kissel
Clem Knox '77 and Peter Marinakis
Richard and Susan Koepp
Art and Leslie Kudner
John and Beth Lapczynski
Matthew and Cara LaPointe
Chris and Laura LaRosa
Eric and Sarah Lecky
Laurel and Colin Lennon
Dylan and Meeghan Lewis
Matthew Linck and Natasha Guinan
Craig and Mary Lindsay
Shawn Livingston
Todd and Maria Lochner
Cheryl Lonergan
David and JoAnna Loughlin
Robb and Shari MacDonald
Steve MacNabb
Jim Madison and Sharon Fang
Cathy Mahon
Todd and Gina Manganaro
James Mann and Genevieve Carroll
Will and Sabrina Mapp
Frank and Laura Martien
Joseph and Maria Mathews
Dan and Tanya Mathias
Amal and Sejal Mattu
Bob and Marie McCarthy
Jay and Anne McConnell
Michael and Elizabeth McCord
Gordon and Stacey McCoy
James and Torie McDonald
Jennifer McMillan
Kirt Medine and Roni-Sue Price
Ben and Stacey Mednick
Jeffrey and Jennifer Meigel
Brian and Bridgette Michaels
Rick and Jen Mihills
Nicholas Minot and Lisa Daniels
Heather and Will Montague
Adryon Montgomery and Michael Bapisteller
Airey and Jenifer Moore
Brian and Adrienne Moran
Andrew Mullin
Santiago and Suzanna Navarro-Monzo
Patrick and Stephanie Neise
Tom Nelson and Rise Lancoon
Matthew and Jennifer Nespole
Marlene Niefeld '88 and Jared Littmann
David and Julie Nolan
Sean and Pamela O'Brien
Brian and Diana O'Connor
Liam and Emily O'Meara
Diran and Orobola Okusanya
Nick and Jackie Olson
David and Samuela Orth-Moore
Jeff and Dinah Ostenso
Jeff and Noelle Packett
Song and Priscilla Pak
George and Maria Patterson
Christopher and Gabbi Paucek
Carlos Pena and Fran Czajka
Arthur and Cindy Peppin
Ron and Julia Peremel
Dan and Kate Perlin
Adam Peterman and Diane Rinaldo
Bob and Vanessa Petrini
Brad and Mindy Phillips
John and Michele Phillips
Matthew and Gretchen Plumb
Jonathan and Tameika Pope
Allison Porter
Jonathan Porter and Candice Peters
Keith and Dusty Porterfield
Rob Posner and Sharon Roberts
Dave Pow and Misti Dragano
Ned '97 and Carla Purdon
Deepak and Lakshmi Ramani
Kurt and Audrey Reichardt
Brian and Susan Reinhart
Cathleen Revelle '92
John and Kristin Richardson
Steve and Lauren Ridzon
Jeffrey Riedel
Cara Riedel
Lemeul and Carolyn Riggins
Jeff and Trcy Rinehart
Chris and Anita Rizek
Justin and Grace Roath
Hutch and Valerie Robbins
Brian and Nikki Robinson
Richard and Maureen Roden
Thomas Rodilosso and Kierstan Boyd
Drew and Jeannine Rogers
Brian and Christine Roman
Jose Romero and Heidi Minjivar
Seton Hurson Rossini '01 and Tom Rossini
Heide Cory Ruegg '85 and Ted Ruegg
Robert Ruiz and Amber Maikui
Raymono and Mia Russell
Chris and Jinny Sass
Alex and Stacy Schaefer
Jeremy and Amy Schropp
Curt and Christy Schwab
Robert and Susan Shapiro
Steve and Audrey Sharkey
Dan and Wendy Shenk-Evans
Joe and Jill Simon
Kim Simpson
Stephanie Simpson
Christopher and Laura Sleat
H-J Smith and Meg Samek-Smith
Michael and Patty Smith
Nate Sowden and Michelle LaRose
Thomas and Courtney Spangler
Margo and Alessandro Speciale
Timothy and Andria Sperry
Tony and Gina Spruill
Skip and Emily Squires
Pete and Deborah Stark
Bobby Stern and Gillian Schweitzer
Lesley Stewart
Michael Stewart
Jacob and Caroline Stokes
Michael and Donna Stolarczyk
Chris and Fagana Stone
Reed Talada and Kathryn Ploetz
Jayne Tanz
Cardie Templeton '88
David and Bethany Thomas
Shawn and Jen Thompson
Charles and Ebonee Thrower
Diana and Johnathan Toebbe
John Tormey and Barbara Stortz
Jon and Jean Traub
Ken and Regina Vasan
Aaron Wade
Marcus and Stacey Walker
Regina Walton
Lanier and Shari Watkins
Allison Webster-Giddings
Adam and Andrea Weinstein
Rob and Erin Weiss
Rick Welch and Carolina Oliviera Welch
Trevor and Kate Wilby
Arthanais and Katrina Williams
Tyrone Williamson and Cherylann Charles-Williamson
Zach and Anna Wood
Bret Woolcock and Happy Barranco
Eric and Mary Woznysmith
Alanna and Ed Wright
Daniel Wrinn and Cameron Arterton
Xiaofeng Zhou and Baiwei Sun
Marc and Dana Zupan


Elise Altschuler '12
Megan Hardy Anderson '01
Chris Angell '95
Isaac Anthony '10
Zane Anthony '12
Billy Attridge '06
Tommy Attridge '10
Jimmy Attridge '03
Beth Bafford '02
Gabriel Beavers '15
Michaela Beavers '17
Jeanette Beigel '04
Amy Betz '94
March Bishop '04
Kirra Brandon '97
Claire Branscombe '16
Chelsea Hartman Chaney '07
Hall Chaney '02
Sally Bridgman Cheston '78
Jack Cheston '17
Robert Cheston '14
Peter Cimbolic '95
Brian Cimbolic '00
Danielle Lowe Cipriani '04
Caroline Clevenger '87
Josh Cohen '90
Elyse Colgan '03
Lyn Grady Cook '76
Steve Correll '00
Noah Donaldson '96
Will Dorsey '79
Jib Edwards '82
Page Ellerson '13
Gwyn Evans '17
Elissa Favero '01
Sara Feldman '03
Keely Fitzpatrick '98
Meghan Foley '98
Alexandra Fotos '72
Chris Fusco '10
Gabrielle Gallant '17
Diane Greene '72
Marion Blackwell Greene '96
Sonia Grover '93
Jan Hamill '71
Sarah Hinman '09
Marielle Jones '15
Channing Martin Jones '06
Larry Kahn '76
Patrik Kast '12
William Kast '13
Ken Kissel '86
Megan Latimer '14
Judd Legum '96
Jen Hickes Lundquist '91
Erik Lyon '03
Carter MacLeod '14
Brooke Madden '97
Susan Matthews '93
Troy Mayer '06
Erin Dunleavy Morgan '74
Devin Powers '05
Nils Reuter '97
Bree Schreitz '98
Olivia Sparer '03
Cardie Templeton '88
Annabel Thompson '15
Elleanor Wells '14
Erin Wright '16
Jill Zachary '85
Tom Abernethy '74
Dede Binder '88
Peter Bowe '74
Carrie Ponder Cousins '02
Ross Dierdorff '72
Andrew Falk '84
Chas Iliff '92
Harry Ivrey '71
Carly Ivrey '09
Caitlin Ivrey '06
Clem Knox '77
Ann LaPides Misenheimer '73
Marlene Niefeld '88
Ned Purdon '97
Cathleen Revelle '92
Seton Hurson Rossini '01
Heide Cory Ruegg '85
Lee VonPein Schreitz '70

Faculty and Staff

Thomas Adams
Randi Altschuler
Katie Anderson
Angela Baccala
Makeba Barnes
Melissa Barrett
Helen Baxt
Laura Baxter
Paul Bayne
Marina Becker
Jeanette Beigel '04
Katie Berger
Brian Boyd
Kevin Brady
Wendy Braithwaite
Peter Branscombe
Sarah Bright
Vicky Brunt
Vicki Bushmann
Lee Butler
Ros Calvin
Erika Cartledge
Eileen Cimbolic
Sue Clayton
Nancy Conroy
Paula DeWitt
Cara Ebner
Courtney Evans
Clay Evans
Caroline Ewing
Becky Fetters
Brad Feldman
Keely Fitzpatrick '98
Jane Flanagan
Charles Ford
Susan Fritz
Cindy Gales
Trish Gallant
Noel Gasparin
Caitlin Ginter
Stephen Ginter
Vanessa Gutierrez
Michael Harrison
Lee Ann Havard
Liz Hollick
Jen Holt
Catherine Hudson
Sarah Judd
Andrew Katz
Tatiana Klein
Sharon Kraynak
Alice Larner
Irfan Latimer
Akeembra Lawrence
Rick Layton
Emily Legum
Laurel Lennon
Babette Leshinsky
Dylan Lewis
Meeghan Lewis
Derek Lieske
Shawn Livingston
Mary MacLeod
Alyssa MacMeekin
David Magnus
Carol Mahoney
Alexis Martin
Cheryl Martin
Bob McCarthy
Crissy McKenzie
Brian Michaels
Bridgette Michaels
Heather Montague
Adryon Montgomery
Enita Moore
Jenifer Moore
Erin Dunleavy Morgan '74
Geof Morgan
Garnet Mowatt
Matthew Nespole
Jackie Olson
Nick Olson
Renee Olson
Cat Parker Briggs
Matthew Plumb
Keith Porterfield
Elizabeth Reid
Cara Riedel
Margie Ross
Tom Rossini
Dan Schmoyer
Dan Schoos
Jacque Schrader
Lee VonPein Schreitz '70
Phil Schuman
Susan Shields
Kim Simpson
Jill Smalley
Diana Toebbe
Jennifer Tonkin Bowman
Sally Trapp
Michele Trifiro
Karin Walsh
Lewis Van Wambeke
George Waymouth
Wendy Waymouth
Erin Weiss
Sheerod Wilkerson
Ellie Young
Lee Zanger
Jane Zanger


Michael and Patricia Baccala
Sondra Baxt
Charles Berliner and Kathryn Dahl
Jack and Natalie Brunson
Trina and John Burks
Sherry Carr
Carolyn Casey
Susan Cohen
Jim and Jenny Corckran
Bill and BJ Cowie
Donna Day
Horst and Ingrid Daemmrich
Larry and Patty DeMooy
Dick and Pennie Denechaud
Jacqualine Donaldson
Pat Edwards
Barbara Ely
Judith Fetters
Sheldon Glass and Saralynn Glass
Mario and Carolyn Gonzalez
Linda Greene
Thomas and Patricia Jenkins
Joanne Johnson
Richard and Nancy Judd
David and Ann Junkins
Klaus Krippendorff and Margaret Thorell
Katherine Larabee
Myrtle Latimer
Gail LaRose
Charles Lerner
Ann Marie Macdonald
Barbara Madak
Ella Mecray
Ivan and Marianne Meixell
John and Shirley Michaels
Ronald and Cheryl Milhills
James and Carol Lee Nespole
Thomas and Joan Noplock
Gretchen Nyland
Terry and Sharon Oland
Swede and Donna Olfson
Errol and Joyce Phillip
Patricia Ray
Edward and Marion Robbins
Ned and Sally Ruffin
Edna Sandler
Freddy and Rick Struse
Julia Sumner
Elizabeth Walker
John Waymouth
Martha Welsh
Camille and EC "Butch" Williams
John and Jackie Wood

Parents of Alumni

Michael and Cindy Abadie
Randi and Jon Altschuler
Ward and Kathleen Anderson
Chuck Anthony and Iris Krasnow
Missy and Dan Attridge
John Banks and Cat Smehil
Dan and Heidi Bay
Katie Berger
Ted and Georgie Berkinshaw
Fred and Marti Betz
Peter Biché and Ginger Woolridge
Joe Boucher and Michele Perry-Boucher
Joel Smith and Theresa Brady
Wendy and Bill Braithwaite
Sarah and Charles Bright
Marie and Jerry Brockhurst
Connie Brown
Charlie and Reid Buckley
Vicki and Paul Bushmann
Elana Byrd
Ros and Paul Calvin
Bill and Karen Caterham
Eileen Cimbolic
Whitall and Bill Clevenger
Denis Clift
Howard and Nancy Cohen
Josh '90 and Lesley Cohen
Tom and Sharyn Collinson
Nancy and Paul Conroy
Lyn Grady Cook '76 and Mike Cook
Jane Cooper and Phil Angell
Cathy and David Correll
Chris and Jenny D'Elia
Mike Damas and Joyce Keilen
Debbie Daugherty
Paula DeWitt
Ross '72 and Sheree Dierdorff
Lisa and Will Dorsey '79
Mike and Carol Drum
Michael and Margaret Duffy
Pat Edwards
Clay Evans
Caroline and Brad Ewing
Janet and Philip Favero
Sonia and Jerry Feldman
Paul and Elspeth Feldman
Henry and Liz Filter
Jane and Charlie Flanagan
Roger and Tonya Flynn
L. J. and Mindy Foley
Susan and Bill Fritz
Jack and Kristin Fusco
Brian Ganz
Paul Govatos
Marc Greenspan and Kathy Floam Greenspan
Steve and Leslie Gruskin
Katherine Haas and Robert Feldmann
Alyson Hall
Larry and Lynne Harding
Colin and Christina Harrington
Bill and Maryellen Hartman
Ken and Mollie Heist
David and Susan Hickes
Roberta Claire Hobson
Ken and Deb Hoffman
Niels and Barbara Holch
Jim and Linda Humphrey
Harry Ivrey '71
Margie and Ed Jackson
Joe and Martha Janney
Larry and Kristin Kast
Elana Byrd-Kehler
Jim Kehler
Bernt and Maria Killingstad
Tatiana Klein
Chip and Susan Lamb
Alice and Marshall Larner
Irfan and Rob Latimer
Mike Leahy
Emily Legum
Bernie and Vicky Lerch
Babette and Ivan Leshinsky
Nancy and Nate Leventhal
Bob Libson
Joseph Lombard and Cliona O'Callaghan
Paul and Martha Lurz
Mary and Alan MacLeod
Bob Madden
David Magnus
John Mahaffay
Kevin and Carol Mahoney
Nick and Judy Maistrellis
Cheryl and Michael Martin
Lori and Jerry Mathis
Susan McDonough
Kevin and Jennifer McGowan
Jeff McKeeby and Wendy Lee
Mary Jane Milner
Peter and Cyndra Mogayzel
Lloyd and Jill Moore
Erin Dunleavy Morgan '74 and Geof Morgan
John and Lauren Morone
Eileen Mosley
Peter and Carla Mulhern
Rob and Sharon Mumma
Paul Musante and Mary Ann Kingsley
Hank and Ginny Nayden
Marc Norman and Karen Hansen
Gretchen Nyland
Swede and Donna Olfson
Tony and Amy Olmert
Nels Olson
Renee Olson
Sally Palmquist and Scott Griffin
Cat Parker Briggs
Chris and Jim Peterson
David Petty
David Plott
Jim Praley and Joan Gillece
Kim and Larry Riddle
Sandy and Terri Roberts
Jim and Ellen Rogers
Larry Rose and Sheri Bellow
Margie and Dave Ross
Dan Schmoyer and Kim Finch
Jacque Schrader
Lee VonPein Schreitz '70
Spence Shiflett and Harriet Cooperman
Tom Simpson
Pinky and Dick Slingluff
Marjorie Sparer
Mary and Dale Spencer
Paul and Barb Speyser
Steve Stavrou
Freddy and Rick Struse
Craig and Marylou Symonds
Geoffrey Taylor
Sally Trapp
Michele Trifiro and John Beavers
Robert Vance
Bill and Joann Vaughan
Jeff and Rose Viohl
Monica Waleed
Karin Walsh and Carey Beall
Lou and Susan Wan
Steve and Rona Warner
George and Wendy Waymouth
Stephen Webber
Jeffrey and Lisa Wells
Pam and Mike Williams
Sim and Currie Wooten
Stephen and Alexandra Wrage
Alanna and Ed Wright
Ellie and Chris Young
Lee and Jane Zanger
Yongjun Zhang and Haitang Lu
Nancy Osius Zimmerman


Mimi Cheston '20
Alexa Cruz '24
Mark Fusco '19
Nate Ginter '33
Maya Glass '24
Michael Haldeman '19
Kirsten Hoejbjerg-Jensen '22
Emma Kissel '21
Parker Rinehart '26
Mia Rinehart '24
Joss Rinehart '26
Will Sowden '23
Mac Sowden '24
Ryan Squires '20
Connor Squires '26
Angus Woodward '25
Holly Woodward '29
Grace Wright '23
Ashley Zupan '28
Shannon Zupan '28


Sara Amin
Patti Chatfield
Ezana Dessie
Almaz Dessie and Michael Moffat
Sheran and Wendy Fernando
Irene Glowinski
Frank Handley
Kurt Heinrich
Lyn Horne
Betsy Humphreys
Ed and Kay Hunter
Steve and Jinya Jennings
Jane Johnston
Robert LaRose
Lynn Maichle
Renee Manganaro-Enright
Ellen McKeon
Seema Nayak and Colleagues of Olivia Sparer
Kevin O'Keefe and Megan McDonald
Rhonda Pikaart-Tautges
Eli Roth
John and Angela Ruffin
Marcia Sandground
Maura Smith
Justine Rosenberg Thomas and Zach Thomas
Kim Wong
Roger Yedid

Organizations, Foundations and Corporations

Active Network, LLC
Acupuncture by Grace
AFCEA CMD Education Foundation
Ahold Retail Business Services
Animal Birth Control LLC
Annapolis Design and Build
Annapolis Pediatrics
Anne Arundel Dermatology
Arts Council of Anne Arundel County, Inc.
Atlantic Prime Mortgage, LLC
Avalon Consulting Group, Inc.
Baldwin Law LLC
Baltimore Community Foundation
Baltimore Educational Scholarship Trust
Base2 Engineering, LLC
Bay Imprint
Benevity Community Impact Fund
Best Tile
Box Tops for Education
Brightview Landscapes, LLC
Buckingham School of Frederick County
Cap Ex Advisory Group
Capital Educators
Capitol Hill Partners, LLC
CapX Solutions
Charles E. Anthony Architects, PC
Chesapeake Bay Trust
Chesapeake Birth and Baby
Chesapeake Medical Imaging
Class of 2018 Parents
CleanNet USA
Community Foundation of Anne Arundel County
Corckran Family Charitable Foundation
Cynthia H. Clark & Associates, LLC
DAVIS Construction
Dodge & Cox
Drum, Loyka and Associates, LLC
Exelon Corporation
Fidelity Brokerage Services LLC
Fusco Family Foundation, Inc.
Glassman Family Foundation
Google Matching Gifts Program
Gormley Jarashow Bowman LLC
Grump's Cafe
Guava Jelly
HigherSchool Publishing
Hobo the Original
Hord Coplan Macht
HS Tech Group
Hudson & Fouquet Salon
Intel Corporation Charitable Match Trust
Irvin Simon Photographers
Jim and Linda Humphrey Foundation
K & B True Value
KFH Associates, LLC
KHA Consultants LLC
Linowes and Blocher LLP
Maryland Capital Advisors, Inc.
Mason's Famous Lobster Rolls
Merrill Lynch
Mid-Shore Community Foundation, Inc.
Miles & Stockbridge P.C.
Morgan Stanley
Morgan Stanley Global Impact Funding Trust, Inc.
Nancy B. and Howard K. Cohen Charitable Fund
Northwestern Mutual Wealth Management Co.
One Three Development & Logistics LLC
Parents of Class of 2017
Patterson Law, LLC
Pete Stark Foundation
Pink Poesy Photography
Platform Media LLC
Potomac Financial Group
Prince Charitable Trusts
R & F Metals, Inc
RBC Capital Markets, LLC
RBC Dain Rauscher
RBC Wealth Management
Reanda, Inc.
Regency Furniture
Sandy Spring Bank
Schwab Charitable Fund
Shady Grove Fertility Center
Sherry's Tickettown
SKA Studio
South Moon Under
Speciale Family Foundation
Spoiled Rotten Dogs, Inc.
Studio Codeworks, Inc.
T. Rowe Price Program for Charitable Giving
TD Bank
The American Gift Fund
The Carlyle Group
The Coddington Group LLC
The Dewey Wells Family Foundation
The Glenmede Trust Company
The James F. and Gretchen V. Welsh Charitable Trust
The Michael Glass Law Firm
The Severn Companies
The Stavrou Companies
The U.S. Charitable Gift Trust
Timothy Prigg & Associates
Trace International, Inc.
T-Rex Solutions
TTR Sotheby's International Realty
United Way of Central Maryland
Vanguard Charitable
Wells Fargo Philanthropy Fund
WRABYN Boutique