Excellence Beyond the Classroom

Our student-athletes have a fierce competitive spirit and strive for excellence in and out of the classroom.

Inclusive & Developmental

Key athletics is both competitive and highly participatory. We encourage multi-sport engagement and provide intentional opportunities for leadership development through practice, competition and teamwork.

Character & Sportsmanship

We inspire our student-athletes to be their very best, support their team, celebrate victories, and learn from defeat.




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All-Conference/All-County Recipients (2019-2023)

Key's athletic program challenges students to develop physical prowess, good judgment and a sense of responsibility.

Our athletes value intense competition, honor sportsmanship and find balance between individual achievement and the needs of the team. Key athletics offers a level of competition that fosters inclusivity and a commitment to mastering skills, understanding tactics, fostering teamwork, and developing character.
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Our Facility

Located two miles from campus, the state-of-the-art Fusco Athletic Park includes two multi-purpose athletic fields, eight tennis courts, a baseball diamond, a 1.7 mile nature trail, a pavilion with locker rooms and fully equipped athletic trainer's room, and attendant support structures including a maintenance facility. 

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An aerial view of a baseball diamond and tennis courts
An aerial view of a baseball diamond surrounded by green grass
An aerial view of two green soccer fields a baseball diamond and three sets of tennis courts
A brown pavilion with a vaulted roof on a hill surrounded by green grass
A brown pavilion with a vaulted roof on a hill surrounded by green grass
Four adorandak chairs sit on a concrete space overlooking green soccer fields
An outdoor covered pavilion with three round metal picnic tables overlooking green fields
A room with a high ceiling and wood floor that has two blue athletic trainer tables
A room with a high ceiling and wood floor that has two blue athletic trainer tables
A cream colored room with a high ceiling and wooden lockers lining the walls
A room with a high ceiling and wood floor that has three blue athletic trainer tables




Our Program

At the Middle School level, the program’s highest priorities are developing skills, commitment and teamwork, and ensuring meaningful participation in both practices and games. The junior varsity level emphasizes preparation for varsity level competition. At the varsity level, the primary goal is the presentation of competitive teams.

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Sports Offered


Cross Country (boys, girls)
Equestrian Team (co-ed)
Sailing (co-ed)
Soccer (boys, girls)
Volleyball (girls)

Basketball (boys, girls)
Indoor Track and Field (boys, girls)
Swimming (boys, girls)

Baseball (boys)
Lacrosse (boys, girls)
Sailing (co-ed)
Tennis (boys, girls)




    Athletics Staff

    Brian Boyd

    Athletic Director

    Alexis Martin

    Assistant Athletic Director
    Athletic Trainer


    Our team consists of an Athletic Director and Assistant Athletic Director/Certified Athletic Trainer in addition to our experienced and dedicated coaches.

    Many of our coaches have competed at the college or professional level. They care deeply about their players' skill development and are committed to providing a stimulating, athlete-centered environment.