Athletics Philosophy

The athletic program at Key is integral to the school's commitment to provide students with opportunities that broaden and deepen their diverse talents and that instill in them the value of cooperative and competitive effort.

Supporting students in their quest to explore a wide range of learning experiences, the program challenges students to develop physical prowess, good judgment and a sense of responsibility.

Equally important, Key students gain self-confidence and enjoy the camaraderie and the school spirit that team sports engender.

The athletic program evolves from intramurals and “game days” for fifth graders to interscholastic competition for Middle School, and junior varsity and varsity teams.

In the Middle School, the program’s highest priorities are to develop skills, commitment and teamwork, and to ensure meaningful participation in both practices and games. The junior varsity level continues to focus on skill development and inclusiveness, but places greater emphasis on preparing students for varsity level competition. At the varsity level, the primary goal is the presentation of competitive teams.

In the Athletic program, students find the balance between individual achievement and the needs of the team, between broad participation and deep commitment to one sport. Key students value intense competition and at the same time they honor good sportsmanship. The program seeks a level of competition that allows inclusivity while promoting the students’ commitment to mastering skills, understanding tactics, fostering teamwork, and developing character.