Inclusive and Competitive
Key athletics are inclusive and competitive. The School values interscholastic competition and the team experience so much it believes that every student should have the opportunity to participate.
75% Participation
Per the Positive Coaching Alliance, approximately 75% of students in the US stop playing sports by age 13; approximately 75% of Key’s students participate in the athletics program.
Honor in Sportsmanship
Key’s students value intense competition and, at the same time, honor good sportsmanship. Obezag athletes learn to find the balance between individual achievement and the needs of the team.

Health & Safety Protocols for Winter Sports Skills Sessions

In preparation for the Winter Sports Small-Group Skills Sessions, the Athletics Department has researched best practices at other schools, reviewed CDC guidelines, talked with peer schools and learned from their experiences, and communicated  with our School nurse and consulting physician in devising our health and safety protocols.

Each group of 18 students will have skill sessions one day a week from 3:00-3:40 p.m. in the Activity Building. Below is a listing of the groups and their skill sessions day:

  • 8th grade boys on Fridays
  • 8th grade girls on Mondays
  • 9th-10th grade boys on Thursdays
  • 11th-12th grade boys on Wednesdays
  • 9th-12th grade girls on Tuesdays

Important Details:

  • Because of limited space and necessary safety regulations, each group will be limited to 18 students.
  • Sessions may not correlate with the days students are on-campus.
  • Students participating in the Gateway Option are eligible to join.
  • To be eligible to participate, if not already completed in the summer or fall, students in grades 8-12 must complete the Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation and students in grades 9-12 must complete the Concussion Baseline Testing. Forms are accessible on the Key Athletics website under "Forms for Our Athletes" (found by scrolling down the right hand column) 

Registration opens on Friday, January 8 at noon.

An Important Note: The American Academy of Pediatrics requires a physician's clearance for any students who may have tested positive for COVID-19 as the virus may raise the risk of cardiac inflammation. Should your student be in this situation, please communicate with Key's Health Office prior to participating in after school sports skills sessions.

Only students may attend the sports skills sessions; non-participants (e.g., parents/guardians, drivers, etc.) may not leave their vehicle at any time.

ALL participants must:

  • Complete the Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation (8th-12th grade) and mandatory concussion evaluation (9th-12th grade), if not done earlier this fall or summer.
  • Complete the Wellness Check through SchoolPass and have their temperatures taken prior to practice.
    • Students participating in on-campus learning will have the Wellness Check and temperature-taking completed as usual in the morning.
    • Students participating in the Gateway option and all other students on distance learning days must complete the Wellness Check in SchoolPass prior to arriving at the workout and have their temperature taken on campus, prior to going to the Activity Building.
  • Follow the protocols their coach outlines during the workouts regarding use of equipment and maintaining proper social distancing.
  • Follow COVID-19 regulations set by the School such as not coming to the skills sessions if they feel sick or are aware that a member of their household may have been exposed to COVID-19.

Safety Protocol Overview By Sport