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College Advising

The goal of Key’s College Advising program is to help students identify institutions where they will be challenged, be successful, and grow as individuals.

Key’s Director of College Advising focuses on “fit,” identifying the characteristics and criteria that help Key students find schools that meet their academic ability, social needs and geographic preferences and utilizes a variety of tools and methods to understand each student’s learning style, academic history and general interests.

Key Graduates:

  • Are well-prepared for the challenges of collegiate programs and able to meet the expectations of their professors.
  • Are strong self-advocates, comfortable speaking with adults and capable of expressing their thoughts in challenging classroom discussions.
  • Attend a wide array of colleges across the country and overseas from research 1 universities to liberal arts colleges and from Ivy League institutions to public universities. The goal of Key’s College Advising program is to help students identify 7-9 colleges where they will be challenged, be successful and grow.

2023-2024 Advising Events

Laura Burrell Baxter

Director of College Advising

Key School transcripts are available to former Upper School students (grades 9-12) who have graduated from or withdrawn from Key since 2010. To request a transcript please click here.