For Visiting College Counselors

Welcome to Annapolis!

We look forward to hosting you on Key's campus to meet with some of our seniors who may be applying to your school!

Exploring Naptown

While you are in the area, here are some recommendations for things you may want to see, do, and experience. There are plenty of great places to eat - every college admission counselor needs to know "the" places to eat while on the road!

We look forward to having you visit us! If you arrive a few minutes early, you can drive to the end of Hillsmere Drive to take in the Chesapeake Bay. Otherwise, I hope to show you around campus when you arrive so you can get a sense of our community and stretch your legs.

Our students will be eager to meet you and learn more about your schools. See you in the fall!

Laura Burrell Baxter
Director of College Advising