Senior Insights

Each year graduating seniors are asked to share their reflections, experiences, and advice on the college selection journey.


Ife Adeyosoye '24, Northeastern University

"Parents, allow your child to decide what they like and want in a school. You shouldn’t decide for them. Allow them to pick a place where they will grow into the best version of themselves after four years!"


Andrew Baker '24, Middlebury College

"Dive deep. Learn as much as possible about each of your top schools. Take advantage of ED and ED II, they are your most valuable resources. Talk to current students. They know their schools best."


Alan Elliott '24, University of Maryland

"For me, the most important things when determining what was most important in a college were visiting colleges, determining what criteria were most important when comparing schools, and talking with and getting suggestions from Laura about what colleges to consider."


Layla Frater '24, Hampton University

"The advice I would give to juniors and their parents would be to start early. Although it can be overwhelming at first, if you get a good head start, everything will fall into place fairly smoothly."


Izzy Moran '24, Virginia Tech, Navy ROTC

"Key has pushed me and prepared me with its advanced classes and built my time management skills...Learning to prioritize my time and communicate with teachers when I need support are the biggest skills I'll be bringing to college and my future."


Carissa Pak '24, Northeastern University

"Trust that you will end up where you were meant to be. The college process is an insane roller coaster and it will throw curve balls at you so try to enjoy it where you can. Have fun with your essays and keep an open mind throughout the process!"


Dylan Barnes '23, University of Maryland

"Begin with a list of values, what you want and need at college. Whether that's location, programs, diversity, size, it's important to figure out your core values and see what colleges and universities align with those."


Zoe Benitez '22, Cornell University

"When I started my search, I was most focused on program. Making my final decision, however, came down to the people. I saw myself reflected in the community, with a place to be challenged, collaborate, and grow."


Brianna Burke '22, Columbia University

"Ask yourself what sets you apart. College essays and interviews aren’t about listing your accomplishments. They’re about showing the reader who you are and what makes you unique."


Jaeden Clark '22, Stanford University

"In the end, my decision wasn’t really based on prestige as much as it was based on environment and social atmosphere. I had to put my ego to the side and consider where do I truly see myself, not only as a student, but as a person!"


Izzy Cone '23, Middlebury College

"Key's focus on student-teacher relationships has built my confidence in engaging with teachers & professors, which i know will make my transition into college much smoother."


Gabby Cumming '23, Connecticut College

"You've worked hard to get to where you are today, so give yourself some credit! everyone's college search is different so don't compare yourself to others and focus on what's right for you."


Naiya Green '23, Syracuse University

"Don't wait until the summer workshop to start compiling a list of extracurriculars, finalizing your college list, or starting your personal statement! doing as much as you can before school starts will lighten the load during the fall semester of your senior year."


Kylie Koren '22, Providence College

"From my first day at Key in 7th grade until now, my writing skills have been pushed to the limit and I can now say I feel confident about the work I put out. The biggest gift you can ever give a young mind is the opportunity to learn and obtain knowledge. Key has done exactly that."


Isabel Littmann '23, George Washington University

"The most important thing I did was to keep an open mind regarding what kind of school I wanted. i learned to prioritize things, like areas of study and internship opportunities, that excited me the most."