Seniors on the College Advising Process 2019

Key seniors were asked to share their reflections, experiences and advice with members of the Junior class as they prepare to embark on the college selection journey.

grace jones
Grace Jones

Georgia Institute of Technology

"it might feel like you'll never be done taking tests or writing supplements; but you will and when you start getting those acceptances back, you'll feel so good."

image of Megan Filter
Craig Martien

Williams College
International Relations

"Win or lose, every single student who is passionate about their future will find their way."

paige nespole
Paige Nespole

Bucknell University
Pre-Med, Neuroscience & Biochemistry

"Going through doubtful staGES in this process is inevitable, and also completely necessary. In the end there really is a right place for everyone."

image of Lauren Neville

Alex Reichardt

University of Oregon
Marine Biology and Art

"In the end, what became important was the energy i felt on campus and whether or not I felt like I fit in."