Seniors on the College Advising Process 2020

Key seniors were asked to share their reflections, experiences and advice with members of the Junior class as they prepare to embark on the college selection journey.


Jackson Clark

Howard University

"I was ReALLY looking to attend an HBCU for college. That eventually ended up being one of the most important factors for me while I was making my final decision."


Aidan Ewald

Towson University
Music Performance, Percussion

"focus on yourself. This is a very important time and you Need To make some serious decisions, which is a lot harder to do when you are stressed. try and set aside time to make sure that you are as calm and collected as you can be."


Grace Gallant

Dartmouth College
French & Pre-Med, Chemistry

"The admissions process is unpredictable, so keep an open mind and try not to worry too much."


Angela Harris

Vanderbilt University
Political Science & Arabic Language

"The college process offers you a lot of time to learn about yourself so take advantage of that anD find ways to enjoy the college search."


Eric Lindsay

Colorado State University (Gap Year)
Forestry & Rangeland Stewardship, Sustainability

"find a goal, find a cause, find a dream that you are passionate about, and work hard to achieve your aspirations."


Zoë McLain

Spelman College

"Don’t compare yourself. what may be the path of your classmates doesn’t mean you will be doing the same things on the same timeline."

Talia Stern

University of Pennsylvania
Mathematics, Criminology

"The college process is all about finding the place that you will grow and be happy; it is not to prove anything to yourself or others."