Mental & Physical Health & Wellness

Key School supports a holistic view of student health, focusing on students’ social, emotional and physical needs in addition to their academic needs.

Our Health & Wellness professionals include two licensed counselors, a certified athletic trainer, school nurse, and a number of other faculty and staff with various training and certifications to support our students every day, not just when students are facing challenges.

What We Do

Outdoor Education Support

Wilderness & Behavioral First Responders
A number of our faculty are certified Wilderness First Responders. These individuals are trained to respond to emergency situations and medical emergencies in remote locations and wilderness settings.

Our Outdoor Education Department Head is a certified Behavioral First Responder providing on-site behavioral healthcare support as needed, in partnership with our school counselors, for students participating in Outdoor Education programs away from campus.

Emergency Response Team

An additional twelve faculty and staff across all divisions comprise the Emergency Response Team. These individuals are trained in CPR and AED and are designated to respond to and provide basic life support in a medical emergency.

Illness & COVID-19 Protocols

Last updated 3/15/24

Who We Are

Erin Weiss

School Counselor
First School
Lower School


Alison Kullman

School Counselor
Middle School
Upper School


Katie Anderson

School Nurse

Alexis Martin

Assistant Athletic Director
Athletic Trainer

Middle School
Upper School