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Inside/Out Project

Each year, young artists are asked to think not only about the aesthetics of art, but also about how openness, compassion and acceptance of others are concepts that make art more meaningful.


Those who visited Key’s campus have surely noticed the large black and white portrait installation adorning the Barn. What few may realize is each of us has the ability to interact with these portraits through image recognition/augmented reality software using an iPad or smartphone.

The striking portraits are part of the eighth grade art installation, titled The Inside/Out Project: JR’s Wish to Change the World, inspired by French street artist and social activist JR. In 2011, the artist famously asked “Can Art Change the World?” and with that question, his Inside/Out Project—the biggest participatory art project in the world—was born.

“Differentiated instruction, aided by the use of this software, allows this project to speak to students on different levels. The project has tapped into students who had not previously been inspired to express themselves through art; it is open-ended and students are digging deeper and exploring more than I ever imagined. I think it is important for my students to understand how incredibly brave they are to put themselves out there with this installation.” - Andy Katz

Through this project, Key’s eighth grade students are challenged to engage with art in a new, meaningful and interactive way.

Each student is asked to record a statement responding to one of the following prompts, individually selected based upon which each felt would evoke the most meaningful personal response:

  • Can Art change the world?
  • What do you stand for? What do you believe? What is most important to you?
  • “You think you know me, but…”

The student’s video statement is then linked to their portrait through image recognition and augmented reality software, and can be activated by iOS or Android mobile devices using the HP Reveal (formerly Aurasma) app. The app will work on the digital portraits in the online photo gallery on this page, as well as on the actual installation images seen on campus.

This project’s use of the image recognition software was inspired by a seminar attended by Visual Arts Department Head Andy Katz at a National Art Education Association National Convention.

Interacting with the Inside/Out Project

  • Download the HP Reveal app to your mobile device.
  • Search for and follow 'Vermicious Knids'
  • From a desktop, open the images below, or find the physical portraits on display in the Barn.
  • Open the scanning window from the HP Reveal app and scan the images from your device. The content will launch when the device recognizes the image.

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