COVID-19 Statement

All onsite programming this summer is being undertaken with the utmost attention to the health and well-being of our campers and counselors. Parents/guardians are encouraged to call the camp office with any questions regarding its response to COVID-19. 

In order to help maintain a healthy camp environment, we have instituted Enhanced Health Screening Procedures, New Camp Regulations, Cleaning and Sanitizing Protocols, and Increased Staff Training and Education.

Enhanced Health Screening Procedures:

  • Pre-screening:  To help reduce the risk of an ill camper or staff member entering a program, a pre-camp health screening questionnaire will be required by all campers and staff prior to their arrival at camp. This form will be emailed to you after you register, and you will need to bring it with you to camp on your camper’s first day of camp. Screening to include a 14-day symptom check, travel history and health of camper and household members. 
  • Campers with underlying health concerns will be required to have a doctor's note clearing them to participate in camp.
  • Families are required to provide contact information for both the parent/guardian and an emergency contact. At least one of these contacts must be able to arrive at camp within 15 minutes of being contacted in the event a child becomes ill at camp. Please carefully consider this requirement upon registration.
  • If a staff member or camper is found to have a confirmed or probable case of COVID-19, they may not return to work or camp until completing self-quarantine and obtaining clearance from the individual’s primary care physician.

New Camp Regulations:

  • Campers who live outside the state of Maryland will not be able to attend Summer at KEY in-person camps.
  • Each group will be a maximum of 13 campers with 2 counselors. Groups will not mix. Everyone will stay in their groups for all activities, minimizing exposure to other campers.
  • We are required to run camps in the outdoors this summer. If severe weather is forecasted, we may need to cancel camp and will notify families in a timely manner. In the event an unexpected storm arises, campers will move to an indoor space and may be required to wear masks as described below.
  • Social distancing of 6 feet apart shall be maintained wherever and as often as possible.
  • Increased signage will help enforce social distancing and remind everyone of enhanced health procedures like handwashing, covering coughs and sneezes, and increased sanitization.
  • Staff will wear masks/face coverings when cleaning and disinfecting common surface areas, when interacting closely with a camper or providing care to a suspected ill camper, while facilitating indoor activities, when maintaining physical distancing is not feasible, and during camper arrival and departure.
  • Staff will wear disposable gloves when providing first aid or care to an injured camper or using cleaning and disinfecting products.
  • Campers will wear masks/face coverings during drop-off and pick-up, when entering any building, or riding on the school bus to Fusco Athletic Park for Tennis. 
  • Campers will wear disposable gloves if deemed appropriate by camp staff for the safety of the camper.  

Cleaning and Sanitizing Protocols:

  • Hand sanitizer will be readily available throughout the campus and counselors will carry hand sanitizer with them at all times.
  • Equipment, tables and other items used by campers will be sanitized between each activity and before the next group’s use. Certain supplies, such as scissors or sidewalk chalk, will not be shared between campers. Each camper will have their own set for the week.
  • All shared spaces, such as the Gaga Pit, will be disinfected when one group leaves the space or prior to the arrival of the next group. 
  • All cleaning products used are approved by the EPA for use in killing the SARS-CoV2 Virus
  • All bathrooms and frequently touched surfaces, like door handles, water refill stations, light switches, and faucets, etc. will be disinfected throughout the morning and as needed. 

Increased Staff Training and Education:

  • Staff will have required enhanced health procedural training related to COVID-19 best practices, including the following:
  • Hand washing procedures in accordance with CDC guidelines. 
  • How and when to use hand sanitizer.
  • Instructed to wash hands prior to and after each activity, snack time, bathroom use, usage of gloves, before and after breaks, cleaning, after coughing, sneezing, or blowing nose, after touching frequently touched surfaces, sports equipment, etc. 
  • How to monitor for and report signs and symptoms of illness and injury. 
  • How to properly clean and disinfect supplies, equipment, etc. 
  • How to put on masks/face coverings, and when to implement use with campers and staff. 
  • Parents are encouraged to educate their children to use appropriate precautionary measures to stop the spread of germs. Campers will be informed at the beginning of the camp session about hand hygiene including washing hands and use of alcohol-based hand sanitizer upon entering any building at camp, after any activity, before and after snack time, after coughing, sneezing, or wiping nose, etc. 

Please review General Information and Summer 2020 FAQs for additional details about drop-off and pick-up procedures, what children should bring to the onsite camps, and more.